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Our best selling
Flexible Bamboo Lamps

now standing! 

Ethnic & Artisanal Home Décor 

Inspiring wholesome living and care for nature

From Zen minimalism to the intricate craftsmanship of tribal minorities, our pieces are a combination of ancient skills and natural materials, essentially handmade and carrying the beauty of imperfection.

We safeguard handmade traditions offering you crafted goods and shopping experiences as a bridge of inspiration and heritage beyond the mass consumerism of modern times.

About us

OrientalBazar was born in 2013 in Northern Thailand out of a passion for antique, ethnic and natural elements from different Eastern cultures. We connect to the source of tribal and ancestral craftsmanship, being fed by the beauty and the magical atmosphere created by these pieces of heritage and art. We value the hand-made, the imperfections and the marks of time.

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