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PL14 - Rustic Wabi-Sabi Lantern

PL14 - Rustic Wabi-Sabi Lantern


Worldwide shipping

Express: 5 - 10 days

Standard: 15 - 25 days

The beauty and rusticity are combined in this original lamp woven with bamboo and inspired by fishermen folk life. Traditionally a basketry piece like this would be used for catching small fishes in shallow waters or washing the catch of the day. 

It's asymmetrical finishing is really an expression of the beauty of folk art that does not concern with an artificial idea of perfection but is spontaneous, unpretentious and in accordance with nature. This is basically the concept of Wabi-Sabi.   


Made entirely by hand by artisans of Central Thailand.

Ready to dispatch in

1 - 3 business days

Standard delivery in 15 - 25 days

Express delivery in 5 - 10 days

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