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Woven Bamboo Pendant Lamps

Inspired in common folk objects like baskets and fishing traps from rural Thailand, OrientalBazar's Bamboo Lamps combine the natural and simple with the refined and clean. Our pieces are ready to match with the modern house or the bohemian refuge.

Every lamp is handmade using traditional skills and local sustainable resources. The beautiful simplicity of a woven basket tells us stories of people and nature in playful joy; bamboo strips handled by careful  hands lead by memories of a time when art and work were the same thing.

◦ Wired to work worldwide, from 110V to 240V

◦ Clean minimalist design, lampkit parts in white

◦ Baskets in a variety of models and sizes

◦ Bamboo in its original natural color

◦ No nasty chemicals applied

◦ Traditional ethnic craftsmanship from Asia

Bamboo is a favorite material all over the Asian continent. Versatile and fast growing, it's a major element in the countryside life, from Japan to Indonesia. Strong and flexible, the plant beautifully represents the resilience and grace of Eastern traditions.

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