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Ethnic Pillow Cases

Exclusive design from the Orient

Coming from villages in southern China, Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand, our textiles are made mainly by the Hmong-Miao people, a skillful and artistic ethnic group that traditionally grows hemp and turns it into stunning fabric pieces and garments using back strap loom and intricate techniques like beeswax batik and natural indigo dye.

Ethnic pillows pile orientalbazar

made with real Vintage Handwoven hemp textiles crafted with natural Indigo and beeswax Batik. 



Every pillow case is designed individually with extra care for details and fabric combinations. The results are quality one-of-a-kind pieces that evoke ancient cultures and bring a simple and authentic style to your space. 

Stunning boho meditation cushion, hmong meditation pillow, round floor cushion

• Firm natural insert with removable case •

• Ethnic textiles with a resistant cotton fabric on the bottom •

Round Floor/Meditation Cushions

Great presence when sitting on the floor,

perfect companion during the meditation.  

OrientalBazar's round cushions are compact and comfortable floor seats to place around a low tea table while adding great style to your room. Each piece is unique, crafted with handmade textiles and filled with natural Kapok, a silky yet firm fiber that will help keep your spine naturally straight during your meditation practice or just nicely support your body during relaxing times.

Kapok Pillow Inserts: more on the comfy side

Our pillow's section is now complete with Kapok pillow inserts available in a variety of sizes. The cover is made with a soft 100% cotton fabric enclosed with an invisible zipper that allows for extra stuffing.


Kapok is a fiber from the seed pods of the Ceiba tree, original from Central and South America but cultivated in Southeast Asia as an alternative for down and cotton as filling in mattresses, pillows, upholstery, zafus, and stuffed toys. It is hypoallergenic, it will not mold or mildew and it has a silky touch, similar to the feel of light weight down.


It's natural, eco-friendly and super comfortable!

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