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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic some delays in processing and delivery can be expected during this period. We will do our best to meet the stated delivery time but we cannot guarantee them as this is beyond our control.

If your order is time sensitive we recommend upgrading to our Express Shipping category handled by DHL.

Updated on August 30, 2021


Tracking Instructions

1. Once you have placed and paid for your order, you will receive a receipt via email from us.

Your order status is now processing and will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days.

2. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive another email containing all necessary tracking information.
Your order status is now completed.

3. In the email, copy the tracking number provided and click on the “Track Shipment” button.
You will then be redirected to the Thailand Post website on where you will need to paste the tracking number in the box and click "Search".

4. Your item status will be displayed. If the information displayed is in Thai language, you can change the language clicking on the "TH" button on the top right corner and selecting "EN" for English.
The item status is the latest available tracking information from the Thailand Post.


If you have chosen our Standard Shipping category, when your order has reached the country of destination it will be transferred to your local postal service for delivery (see step 5). 

For the Express Shipping category all tracking information will be shown on the Thailand Post website.

5. Go to the tracking website of the official postal service of your country and enter your tracking number. The latest available tracking information will be displayed there. 

(If you are unsure about which website to go to, please check out this list

If your local postal service is unable to provide you with any tracking information about your order, please get in touch with us at and we will try to sort it out.



  • “No information could be found regarding the mail item.”

    Your parcel has just been shipped.


    Please note that it might take 1-2 weekdays before any tracking information is available.

    If the status doesn’t update after 3 weekdays, please get in touch with

  • “It was not possible to reach the recipient; the item was scanned. The item is either being delivered in XX or being held for pick-up.”

    Your order is available for pick up, or it’s in the process of being delivered.


    If you are not sure where to pick up your order, please get in touch with your local postal service, and provide them with your shipment number. Usually, this can be done via their online tracking site.

  • “SUVARNABHUMI MAIL CENTRE - Arrival at outward office of exchange.”

    Your order has left Thailand and is in transit to the destination country.

    For orders shipped with our Standard Shipping category you may check your local postal service tracking site for the latest update. If no information is available and the status does not change after 2 weeks, please get in touch with us at as your order might be being held in customs.

  • “The item was delivered.”

    Your order has successfully been delivered.


    If you have not received your order when this status is displayed, do the following:

    • Confirm that no one else has received the package. Check with your household and neighbors, and remember to look in your mailbox / property juristic person.

    • You may have received a note to pick up your order. Get in touch with your local post office and see if they have any packages for you.

    • Maybe your order was delivered at the wrong address. Confirm your address in your order receipt.

       Get in touch with if you are still not able to locate your package.

  • “The item was returned and delivered to the sender on [date].”

    Your order was sent back to us.


    That’s a shame! Maybe you were not notified to pick up your package, or you were not at home when the postal service attempted delivery.


    Perhaps your order was attempted delivered at the wrong address. Double-check your address in your order receipt.


    Get in touch with

  • “The item could not be delivered and is being returned to sender.”

    Your order is on it’s way back to us.


    That’s a shame! Maybe you were not notified to pick up your package, or you were not at home when the postal service attempted delivery.


    Perhaps your order was attempted delivered at the wrong address. Double-check your address in your order receipt.


    Get in touch with

Tracking Sites

List of Tracking Sites

Once your order has reached your country, you can track it by entering your tracking number in the respective tracking site:

Australia – contact Australia Post or track via:

Austria – contact Post AG or track via:

Canada – contact UPS or track via:

Chile – contact CorreosChile or track via:

China – contact China Post or track via:

Denmark – contact Bring or DAO or track via: or

Estonia – contact Omniva or track via:

Finland – contact Posti or track via:

France – contact La Poste or track via:

Greece – contact ELTA or track via:

India – contact India Post or track via:

Ireland – contact An Post or track via:

Italy – contact Poste Italiane or track via:

Japan – contact JP Post or track via:

Latvia – contact Latvijas Pasts or track via:

Lithuania – contact Lietuvos Paštas or track via:

Korea – contact Korea Post or track via:

Mexico – contact Correos De Mexico via phone or track via:

Netherlands – contact PostNL or track via:

New Zealand – contact NZ Post or track via:

Norway – contact Posten or track via:

Portugal – contact CTT or track via:

Poland – contact Poczta Polska or track via:

Russia – contact Pochta or track via:

Singapore – contact Singapore Post or track via:

South Africa – contact Post Office South Africa or track via:

Spain – contact Correos or track via:

Sweden – contact PostNord or track via:

Switzerland – contact Swiss Post or track via:

UK – contact Royal Mail or track via:

Ukraine – contact Ukrposhta or track via:

United Arab Emirates – contact Emirates Post Group or track via:

USA – contact USPS or track via: 

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